"The Talent"

T.J. Richter

Height: 6'
Weight: 200 lbs

Hometown: Newport, RI

Years pro: 10 years

Titles Held in PWF Northeast: Current PWF Northeast Junior-Heavyweight Champion

Favorite move/Finishing Maneuver: The Richter Scale (Vertical suplex into a cross-knee neckbreaker), Russian Leg Sweep Stunner

Toughest opponent: "Big" Rick Fuller

Most Hated Opponent: Tommy Knoxville

Manager: Dirk "The Package" Johnson

Alliance: D.N.A

Greatest Match: Every match I wrestle is my greatest match!

Other Promotions Wrestled For:  NWA-NE, YPW, IIW, Renegade Wrestling, and more.

Quote/Saying: "I'd steal your heat...  ...if you had any!"