September 28, 2002

PWF Northeast debuted in Woonsocket, RI at "The Wrestleplex" in front of a rambunctious standing room only crowd. The show started with a 10 bell salute honoring Ted "Flyboy Rocco Rock" Petty. The show was taped for the new World Wrestling Network program show at 5:30 and 11:30 AM/PM 7 days a week at

In the first match of the evening, the debuting Antonio Thomas (the third member of Sudden Impact) defeated "Extreme" Adam Hastey (accompanied by Dr. Everette Payne, Kid Krazy and Zachary Richards of the HCI) with a crucifix powerbomb. After the match Krazy and Richards jumped on Thomas and began beating him down until Kid Mikaze and Chris Camero (the other 2 members of Sudden Impact) made the save.

Next, PWF Northeast Owner Mark Reality came out with The Damned. He talked about how the "Mutiny" from last month would continue tonight. This brought out PWF President Rob Dimension, accompanied by Striker & Simply Luscious. Dimension told the crowd and Reality that they would not allow any such thing, and threw the gauntlet down with the very first "Dimension-Reality Challenge". IT would pit Shawn Michaels' Wrestling Academy graduate Simply Luscious versus the manager of the Damned, Demonica in what would be the first ever PWF Northeast Ladies match. The match ended when Mercedes of Fuzion came out and distracted Demonica, allowing Luscious to roll her up for the pin.

The next match would be a return tag team match between Sudden Impact members Camero/Mikaze and "Broadway" Kenn Phoenix/"Premier Player" Johnny Curtis. The winners of this match would get a PWF Northeast tag title match in October at NWA Wildside in Georgia. All four men showed that they were equally versed wrestling or flying. It appeared that Sudden Impact would take the win, when Mikaze hit an impressive top rope maneuver on Phoenix. While the referee was distracted, Curtis nailed Mikazi with a foreign object and rolled Phoenix on top of him for the win.

This brought out PWF Northeast Color Commentator Ebony Blade. He was filling in for the injured TJ Wyld in hosting The Wyld-side. He brought out his guest for the night, PWF Northeast Junior-Heavyweight Champion KL Murphy. Murphy went on to apologize for being involved in the attack last month on "Schoolboy" Derik Destiny. He was interrupted by Brotherhood of the Damned member, and NWA New England Junior Heavyweight Champion "Toxic" Tommy Knoxville. Knoxville said that he had lived true to his words and beat "Psycho" Mike Osbourne and would now follow up winning the Northeast Junior Title and become the most decorated Junior-Heavyweight in the northeast region. Murphy responded saying to not bother waiting and to bring it now. The match became Title vs. Title. The two traded off in a great match. Murphy eventually got the upper hand and appeared to be ready to retain his belt and win the NWA title. Somehow, Knoxville rolled through into a roll-up pin and grabbed Murphy's tights to win the PWF Northeast Title. After  the match, Murphy attacked the referee. He was soon joined by PWF Universal's Simply Luscious also beating down the ref. After the last event, this seems to point a connection between Murphy and PWF Universal. Striker came out and chased Murphy from the referee for the save.

In a "Luck of the Draw" Qualifying match, Ruy Batello, Triplelicious, "Schoolboy" Derik Destiny, and Duff were scheduled to meet in a 4 way elimination match. Batello's manager Sean Gorman came to the ring and announced that Batello was busy in training at an all you can eat buffet and would not be there that night, but he would grace PWF Northeast by doing commentary for this match. The remaining three men went to wrestle, with Destiny and Duff getting the better of Triplelicious. It would seem he was near elimination, when Gorman pulled down the top rope, causing Destiny to spill out of the ring and injure his knee, leading to a count out. The match continued in a rematch from last month with Triplelicious and Duff. Duff reversed Triplelicious' attempt at an "H-Cubed" (Diamond Cutter) and hit his "Bully Buster" (TKO) to the delight of the fans for the win in the first qualifying match. Duff gets three points for a win in the standings.

Vertabreaker came to the ring demanding a match with Kyle Storm. Mark Reality came out and announced that Storm was too busy elsewhere to bother with Verte, but he had found a suitable opponent for him. Dance music hit and referee Paul Hudson came out dressed in his alter-ego "Hot Stuff" Paul Hudson, lead singer of 69 Degrees. Hudson tried his best to fight off Verte, but was no match for the veteran. After Verte won the match, Reality said that Hudson was not the opponent he was talking of. If Verte beat the following wrestler, he would get a match with Kyle Storm. This brought out HCI member Kid Krazy, with Zachary Richards and Dr. Everette Payne. Vertabreaker was very close to getting his win hitting "The Cottonmouth Killer" (Van Terminator) on Krazy. As the ref checked Krazy, Kyle Storm ran into the ring from the front door in street clothes and hit Verte with his "Choke Collar" neckbreaker. He then rolled Krazy on top of Verte and stood on the ramp watching as the ref counted the pin.

Next up was a match between "Big League" Brian Black and the debuting former Texas Heavyweight Champ "MacDaddie" Mike Anthony. The match between two of the most defined physiques in PWF Northeast was impressive to say the least. Anthony at one point pressed the huge Black over his head and dropped him out of the ring. The two men went back and forth, until it seemed Anthony would win with his Northern Lights Suplex. Just as the referee's hand was about to hit the three, the bell rang signaling the time limit had expired. Anthony and the crowd demanded five more minutes. Black got on the microphone and asked "You want five more minutes? These people want five more minutes? Then I'll give you five more minutes... some other night." He left to a chorus of boos and a chant referring to a certain feline.

PWF Northeast Tag Team Champions Fuzion with Mercedes came to the ring followed by The Damned  with Demonica making their return to wrestling after being strangely quiet for the last three months. The Damned immediately attacked Fuzion with a new sense of aggressiveness and anger we have not yet seen from them. They dominated early in the match throwing their much smaller opponents around like rag dolls. Finally, Fuzion utilized their speed to take over and knock the Damned off balance. Blade's head scissors sent Mad Dog out of the ring, leading to a dive sequence of Blade, Draven and finally Mike Paiva that had the crowd chanting "PWF". Demonica, not forgetting her loss early egged on Mercedes and the two started to fight in the ring. Mercedes hit Demonica with a tornado DDT. Mad Dog then set up Mercedes for a Powerbomb, and was hit by a double enziguri by Fuzion. After a number of nearfalls, Fuzion set the Damned up for stereo top rope hurricanranas. Draven managed to toss Blade over the top rope. Mad Dog caught Paiva and turned it into a Powerbomb, followed by Draven's frogsplash. After the Damned had been awarded the titles, Rob Dimension stepped up and reminded everyone that the Damned's 3 month PWF suspension was only 2 1/2 months done and said they were not eligible to win the titles. In retaliation, the Damned took out Fuzion and held Mercedes, while Demonica whipped her repeatedly.

In the main event, #1 Contender "Revolution" Chris Venom face PWF Universal's Striker, fresh off a NWA: TNA appearance. This match would be two friends fighting for the #1 Contendership. This match was everything it could be. Great wrestling the way it should be. Striker was hampered by a shoulder injury suffered at NWA:TNA, and Venom worked that into his strategy. In the end, KL Murphy came out and tried to interfere, trying to hit his diving DDT "Murphy's Law" on Striker. Striker reversed out of it and hit the "Overdrive", sending Murphy packing. This left enough of an opening for Venom to pin Striker and win the match. After the match Striker got on the microphone and congratulated Venom on a great match. He added that he didn't want to steal Venom's spotlight, but he had lost a friend earlier in the week (Ted Petty) and thought it would be a fitting end to the show to play Rocco's music if Venom would agree. Venom did, and both got the crowd waving their hands to "Here Comes the Hotstepper" to end the show.