PWF Northeast present “Convergence” at the Elks Lodge in Smithfield, RI.

In the first match of the night, the team of Duff and Man’s Best Friend (Derik Destiny and Beast) defeated “Heartbreaker” Ruy Batello, Aaron Morisson and Chris Camaro. The finish came when Destiny hit Camaro with his Destiny Driver (spinning Tomakazi) followed by a splash by Beast.


Kid Mikazi faced Antonio Thomas next. It was a great match that ended with Mikazi hitting an impressive dropping split-legged moonsault to get the victory


In a match pitting PWF Universal’s Billy Bax against PWF Northeast’s Chris Venom, Bax up-ended Venom, hitting his belly-to-belly suplex for the win. After the match, “Enforcer” Larry Huntley came out to taunt Venom for losing his match. Huntley then tried to attack Venom. Bax returned and saved Venom. Bax and Venom hit Huntley with a flurry of punches and a tandem suplex. They then shook hands in a show of respect.


The next match was scheduled to be a meeting between PWF Universal’s Striker and PWF Northeast mainstay Triplelicious. Striker showed his dominance and soon locked Triplelicious into his “Happy Monkey” submission. “Big League” Brian Black ran out and started to attack Striker. He and Triplelicious double-teamed until Johnny Curtis made the save. Curtis and Striker cleaned house and a challenge for a tag match was made. After a double “Happy Monkey”, Curtis hit Triplelicious with a springboard leg drop for the win. After the match, Striker put ref John Grunion in the “Happy Monkey” much to the delight of the crowd.


TJ Wyld then came out to interview PWF President Rob Dimension. He talked about the PWF and then onto the Northeast Tag Team titles, prompting Emerald Fusion and Mercedes to come out asking for a title shot at the NE Tag Champion Bash Bros. later that night. Dimension denied the request reminding Fusion that they had lost a match in the previous month that barred them from any future title shots on the Bash Bros. He then announced the guys getting the title shot “Los Vatos Verdes” (who appeared to be two teenagers in Lucha masks). He then added, that due to the fact that the fans DID like Mercedes so much, she would manage Los Vatos Verdes, and Emerald Fusion would have to leave immediately. They were escorted from the building by security. 


Originally the next match was to be a “Double Jeopardy” for the PWF Northeast Junior Heavyweight Title. Two weeks before the show, Northeast officials signed PWF’s Quiet Storm as a surprise contender for the match. Last week, Quiet Storm ran the gauntlet through nine other Juniors to win the Universal Junior Heavyweight Title. The “Double Jeopardy” was instead challenging for his PWF title rather than the Northeast strap. The pairings for the match were Northeast Jr. Champ KL Murphy and “Extreme” Adam Hastey facing each other while Quiet Storm would battle “Broadway” Kenn Phoenix. Hastey found himself at the losing end of “Murphy’s Law” (reverse moonsault DDT), while Phoenix was victim to the dreaded “Storm Cradle Driver”. The Universal champ and the Northeast champ then fought each other for another five minutes until Quiet Storm hit a modified Guerrero-Special into a neck breaker for the win.


PWF Mid-South Heavyweight Champion Robbie Race then came out and got on the microphone. Due to the circumstances beyond the control of PWF Northeast, his opponent Menace would not be there. He signed an open contract and would face anyone under Mid-South rules (anything goes). Out came Tommy Knoxville, who was last seen after being injured by the Damned three months ago. Knoxville was close to winning the title on quite a few occasions, but eventually was pinned by Race.


In a special attraction match, The Amazing Red defeated PWF Universal Tag Team Champions Jose & Joel Maximo (The SAT) in a three way dance that really had the crowd excited.


After intermission, the team of Los Vatos Verdes, with Mercedes, prepared to face Kid Krazy and Frankie Armadillo, the PWF Northeast Tag Team Champions known as the Bash Brothers. As always, the Bash Brothers were accompanied by HCI founder Dr. Everette Payne and marketing dept. member Zachary. As the match went on, a show stealer to be sure, it became increasingly evident that “Los Vatos Verdes” were NOT the same guys who came out during the interview segment earlier. Mercedes got into the ring and hit a bulldog on Krazy, followed by one of the Vatos hitting a gorgeous moonsault for the win and the title victory. As the Vatos celebrated, they were attacked by the Bash Brothers. Upon removing their hoods, Vatos were revealed to be Emerald Fusion. PWF President Rob Dimension came out and declared the match null and void. Bash Brothers retain the titles. He then stated that he would allow Emerald Fusion a final title shot, but this time in his territory with his officials. July 14th Emerald Fusion with Mercedes will face HCI’s Bash Brothers with Dr. Everette Payne for the Northeast Tag Titles in Pottstown, PA for the PWF.


In an inter-promotional match for the PWF Mid-South Junior Heavyweight Title, champion Loco defended against Northeast’s Tim Kilgore. PWF Mid-South referee “Squeaky” Herman was on hand to ref the match and assure it was a fair contest under Mid-South jurisdiction. In the end, Kilgore pulled the upset victory and won the match, becoming the PWF Mid-South Junior Heavyweight Champion! After the match Loco attacked Kilgore. He stole the belt and told Kilgore that although he found out that there is now a $1000 bounty on the head of Kilgore, he only cares about his title. If Kilgore feels he is the champion, he can come down south and try and get the belt from him.


The next match was an “Unsanctioned” match. For the first time ever, Mad Dog of the Damned would be on opposite sides of the ring of his former long-time partner “Kick Ass” Kyle Storm. The two had a nasty personal falling out four years ago and it finally came to blows a few months back. Trying to rectify the situation, PWF Northeast allowed the match under a few conditions. It had to be a tag match and PWF Northeast could not be held accountable for any injuries suffered. PWF’s former 2x Universal Tag Champs, The Damned, accompanied by Demonica, faced off with Kyle Storm and partner Psycho Mike, with “Toxic” Tommy Knoxville. Mad Dog completely avoided wrestling Storm, tagging out quickly. Eventually Psycho Mike tagged in Storm, and Mad Dog kneeled in the corner begging Kyle not to hit him. Psycho Mike grabbed Draven for his “Straight Jacket” finish. Kyle then turned and super kicked Psycho Mike. As Mike staggered, Knoxville hit a springboard DDT on Psycho Mike. It soon became apparent that Mike was the victim of a huge set up. Demonica did an amazing ddt preceeded by walking halfway across the top rope. Mad Dog hit the elevated powerbomb on Psycho Mike, followed by Draven’s frogsplash. After Total Damnation, Kyle hit his top rope elbow. The beating continued with The Damned and Storm saying how they were sick of people pushing buttons to try and break friends up. Finally, The SAT, Quiet Storm, and Red hit the ring to make the save hitting a number of quick moves to get rid of The Damned, Kyle Storm, Tommy Knoxville, and even Demonica.


In the final match of the night, PWF Northeast Champion “Bad Boy” Billy Black, with “Enforcer” Larry Huntley, would face a mystery face from his past. There had been a ton of speculation on this issue. The music hit, and out came former New England star Ebony Blade. The eloquent English man talked about how he would love to face “Bad Boy”, but he was acting only as a representative for a client who paid him a huge fee. This brought out the actual mystery opponent PWF’s Gino Giovanni. The two renewed their rivalry that lasted nearly the first two years of both men’s careers. The violent match went all over the building. Gino seemed to have the match won, when Larry Huntley came in and attacked Gino. This brought out “Revolution” Chris Venom. Venom and Gino teamed. Soon Venom hit the Burning Hammer on Black, while Gino hit his neck breaker on Huntley. The ref, caught up with the action, counted the pin falls for both men. Black escaped with his title.