The PWF Northeast returned to a jam-packed SRO “Loomis Arena” in Plainfield, CT to present “Turbulence 2K3”. The show started with the National Anthem in honor of the men in women serving the US in Iraq.

Ring announcer Angel Avellino introduced the PWF Northeast Tag Champions The Talent Exchange (“Broadway” Kenn Phoenix and “Premier Player” Johnny Curtis) and their manager Dean Ripley. Ripley told the crowd that he had given Curtis the night off, and would actually be tagging with Phoenix to defend the titles against an up and coming team. This brought out the team of Robert Rayne & Brian Thunder, collectively “Torrential Downpour”. Rayne and Thunder impressed fans and PWF Officials with their great double-team work. It looked like the debuting team would win the titles, hitting a beautiful high-cross body press by Rayne on Phoenix, who was sitting on the shoulders of Thunder. Ripley broke up the pin fall. While Thunder grabbed Ripley and threatened to punch him, Phoenix came to and used Ripley’s boot to knock him out. The ref turned and declared that Ripley and “Broadway” had retained the belts. 

Ripley got back on the microphone again and bragged about how The Talent Exchange were the best tag team in the Northeast… past, present, or future. This brought out PWF Northeast owner Mark Reality, looking remarkably like Rico Costantino, who took the microphone. He told Ripley and Phoenix that if they were such a great team, they would face two guys who hadn’t teamed in over five years. Enter “Kick Ass” Kyle Storm and “Mad Dog” Matt Storm. Ripley and “Broadway” attempted to leave, but were warned that they’d be stripped of the titles. Kenn Phoenix took a quick advantage pummeling Kyle. In a moment of confusion, Phoenix tagged in Ripley, whose taunting finally angered “Kick Ass” to a point where he was no longer feeling pain. He tagged “Mad Dog” and the two tore into Ripley with chops and a springboard splash.  Kenn Phoenix tried to hit Kyle with the boot that won the match for him earlier, but Storm ducked and used his momentum to lift him up into the waiting “Mad Dog” 3-D. “Broadway” rolled out leaving Ripley prone for a top rope elbow by “Kick Ass” to his groin for the win. New Tag Team Champions are “Mad Dog” and “Kick Ass”, The Storms.

Following this exciting moment, another crowd favorite commentator Ebony Blade came to the ring to talk about his match at “Genesis II” with “Bad Boy” Billy Black. He talked about how he thought it was done, but Black continues to harass him with phone calls, and through word of mouth. Ebony called Black to face him in the ring. Black’s music hit and he stepped out into the smoke of the entranceway. As Ebony exited the ring to grab him, an old lady from the crowd got up and hit him with the chair from behind. “Bad Boy” quickly left the arena. The old lady in a dress began to beat on Ebony Blade, but then pulled off her kerchief and hair! It was Billy Black in disguise sitting in the crowd the whole time. Who was the decoy? Black threw Ebony back into the ring and began to berate him on the microphone, continuing his assault. “Bad Boy” then pulled a plastic shopping bag out and put it over the head of Ebony. Finally Torrential Downpour, Thrillogy and Fuzion all ran in to save Ebony Blade.

The next match was between Triplelicious and “Psycho” Mike Osbourne. As Triplelicious came to the ring, he was escorted by “The Mouthpiece of the East” Sean Gorman. Gorman then announced that he had just signed on to become Trip’s new manager.  Trip showed a renewed drive in the ring, as well as a more vicious attitude. Osbourne was able to counter with his size advantage. “Psycho” Mike hit Triplelicious with an amazing flying backbreaker, followed up with his “Straight Jacket Driver” (sit out DVD) for the win.

  Ruy Batello quickly ran to the ring and began to attack Osbourne, who held his own, until Triplelicious recovered. The two beat down Osbourne until the strains of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” filled the Loomis Arena. The crowd anticipated the arrival of the Loomis Arena’s favorite son. Chants of “Duff” rose until he ran out and cleaned house. “Psycho” Mike and Triplelicious brawled out of the building, leaving Ruy and Duff to compete in what would be the next match.

 Like Triplelicious, Ruy Batello also showed a new drive and anger in the ring. He tore into Duff, trying to injure him permanently. Somehow, Duff’s resiliency carried him throughout the onslaught of Batello’s offense. Duff was able to wrap the match up with a pin fall win following a Samoan Drop. Later in the night, PWF Northeast cameras caught up with Duff, only to see him Pearl Harbored by what would seem to be the new “Team Gorman”.

TJ Wyld then came to the ring to do a “Wyldside” interview segment. He called out his guests Thrillogy (Kid Mikaze & Chris Camero) and Fuzion (Blade & “The Full Effect” Mike Paiva) to congratulate them on their great TLC match at “Genesis II”. Both teams started out with nothing but respect and compliments for each other, until TJ interrupted saying he received word that there would be a new number one contender for the Tag Titles. It would be decided in a Best of Three series between the two teams. From that point on, the tempers between the two teams escalated with harsh words being exchanged. Wyld tried to be diplomatic, and ended up being shoved nearly out of the ring by members of both teams. This abruptly cut the segment short.

In the first ever Women’s Match in Loomis Arena history, Ariel faced off with Demonica in a rematch from “Genesis II”. This match was every bit as good as the first, with Demonica demonstrating her deep knowledge on submission wrestling and martial arts kicks. Ariel won the crowd over with her heart and “never say die” drive. Ariel won the match by scaling the top rope and hitting a “Ariel-Go-Round” front flip seated splash onto Demonica for the three.

Next up was the match set up earlier in The Wyldside, as two of the hottest high-flying teams around faced in match one of the “Best of Three” series. Fuzion and Thrillogy are near athletic mirror images of each other. Blade and Mikaze started the match with a trade-off sequence that cannot be done justice in type. Camero and Paiva followed closely behind in another chain wrestling stalemate. Soon the match broke down and bodies flew out onto each other at an alarming rate. Fans were on the edge of their seats for the innovation shown by both teams. The match ended when Camero and Mikaze did stereo giant swings on their opponents, finally hurling them head first into each other. Thrillogy then hit a Camero 450 splash and a Mikaze “Shinobi Press” (twisting shooting star press) at the same time, both pinning Fuzion to win. A dejected Fuzion was still given a great reaction from the crowd after the match. If this is any indicator on how the Best of Three series will be, fans are in for an amazing thrill ride.

In the main event of the evening, the PWF Northeast Heavyweight Champion, “Revolution Chris Venom, defended against the “Self-Proclaimed Hero of PWF” KL Murphy. Murphy was definitely focused on taking apart the champion and establishing himself as the number one man in PWF Northeast. Venom had a different idea, planning on making a successful defense of his title. Venom and Murphy showed why they are two of the most under-rated guys around with a near-clinic on wrestling. Murphy finally decided to work Venom over with a sleeper hold. On a few occasions, it would seem as the “Revolution” was on the verge of being unconscious. Somehow, Venom was able to push off of the turnbuckle and use his weight to roll onto Murphy for the pin fall win and a successful defense. Murphy looked stunned that the title slipped through his fingers so quickly. As Venom stood up, Murphy nailed his knee strike finisher to the champion. This caused “Mad Dog”, who brought both men into the business, out to confront Murphy. Murphy tried the knee on Storm, who blocked it and began a flurry of punches on “PWF’s Hero”. As KL tried to flee the ring, he was unceremoniously back dropped out by Venom. The show ended with “Mad Dog” raising his star pupil, and PWF Northeast Champion Chris Venom’s hand in victory.