Results from Premier Wrestling Federation Northeast's Rhode Island debut at the VFW Hall in Bristol, RI.

A packed house was present for the first ever RI-hosted PWF Northeast event. Present from Premier Wrestling Federation in Pennsylvania, was PWF Co-Owner and President, Rob Dimension.

In the opening match, Mark Malibu & Kid Mikazi defeated Antonio Thomas & Aaron Morisson w/Evil Nick, when Mikazi hit a Shooting Star Press on Thomas.

Ring Announcer Dean Ripley introduced Rob Dimension to the crowd. HE did not endear himself to the fans at all. He basically talked about PWF Northeast being the less-important underling of PWF's main roster in PA.

In the first match taped for the upcoming WWN Internet-TV show, Johnny Curtis faced NY Indy standout Damian Dragon. Both me traded moves and holds for the better part of fifteen minutes. Dragon managed a German suplex on Curtis, and the bell rang just before the ref counted three. The match was a time limit draw. In a show of sportsmanship after the match, Curtis went to shake the hand of Dragon. Dragon instead sprayed Curtis with his noxious mist and hit him with a Shining Wizard.

PWF Northeast TV Co-host TJ Wyld debuted his new interview segment "The Wyld-side". Wyld called out Triplelicious to talk to him about attacking Chris Venom. Triplelicious showed a great deal of remorse, calling his former partner to the ring and asked for forgiveness. Venom decided that Triplelicious would be his tag partner in the main event.

"Trendsetter" Adam Booker, with Miss Kristy, faced Psycho Mike in a match to determine the number one contender to the PWF Northeast Heavyweight Title. Psycho Mike had Booker up in a Samoan Drop position, when he was distracted by Kristy. He dropped Booker and went to the gorgeous young valet of his opponent. Booker recovered and capitalized the distracted by hitting the Trendsetter combo (Powerbomb followed by a "Styles Clash") for the win and the #1 Contendership. 

In the next match, "Toxic" Tommy Knoxville faced Duff. The match went back and forth, but after Knoxville hit his springboard DDT finisher, PWF's The Damned (Draven & Mad Dog) ran in and hit Knoxville with Total Damnation (Last Ride Powerbomb followed by a frogsplash). Mad Dog then got on the mic and taunted Knoxville about who he was trained by and that he would never amount to anything in PWF Northeast. As the Damned left, a local worker named Kyle Storm, who was not booked on the show, entered the ring and basically commandeered the microphone from Dean Ripley. In a completely unplanned shoot, he tore apart his former tag partner and friend Matt West (Mad Dog of the Damned). West, being held back by 3 of the workers on the show eventually came out to the ring enraged. What ensued was an unfortunate incident with West and Storm coming to blow in the ring until a number of the boys on the show who were friends with both broke up the fight. As soon as Storm was escorted from the building, West apologized to the fans that they had to witness such an unprofessional event. At this time, PWF's offices have announced that West is suspended from Northeast events for the next 30 days pending further investigations of the matter.

Trying to pull the show back together, the next match came out. "Big League" Brian Black faced the debuting Striker, of ECWA fame. The two tested each others limits in a great contest, with the crowd solidly behind Striker. In the end, "Big League" hit his Full Nelson Slam finish and thought he had won the match. He did not see Striker get a foot on the bottom rope. While Black argued with the referee, Striker crawled over and managed to schoolboy Brian for the pinfall victory.

In the last match before intermission, the PWF Northeast Tag Team Titles were on the line. The champions, Hardcore Institute members Frankie "Mr. Muscles" Armadillo & Kid Krazy accompanied by Dr. Everette Payne and Marketing Department member Zachary, faced top contenders, Emerald Fusion (Mike Paiva & Blade) with Mercedes. This show stealer of the match opened very hot as Fusion threw great high flying at the champions. After a bit the champs too over dealing serious punishment on the challengers. Paiva, taking the brunt of the beating, managed to make a take to Blade, who cleaned house. Kid Krazy went to hit Paiva with a superkick, and instead hit the referee. Mercedes came in and hit Krazy with a great 'rana. Ref Paul Sherman ran to the ring to take over. Seconds later, Blade hit a picture perfect moonsault on Krazy to win the titles. Emerald Fusion are announced the PWF Northeast Tag Team Champions. PWF President Rob Dimension came to the ring and announced that he had been looking over his records, and ref Sherman had failed to renew his referee's license. Therefor, he was forced to declared the title match null and void. The HCI retain the titles in a huge injustice. The crowd chanted obscenities at Dimension as he walked back to the dressing rooms.

After intermission, Tim Kilgore debuted a much more Goth look and received a great applause from the crowd. His opponent, Killer Kowalski protege "Broadway" Kenn Phoenix, also debuted a new look complete with yellow feather boas and a yellow robe. The crowd gave him the exact opposite reaction as Kilgore. The two traded off, with Kilgore demonstrating his great high flying abilities, with quebradas, forward sentons, and more. Phoenix overpowered Kilgore catching a high cross bodypress, and spiking him into the buckles. Kilgore managed to reverse a powerbomb attempt into a victory roll position, then hit a reverse pedigree on Phoenix for the win. The crowd was very happy to see Kilgore defeat "Broadway".

"Schoolboy" Derik Destiny and his tag team partner The Beast comprise "Man's Best Friend". A fairly new combo, they sometimes bring a little comic relief to the crowds. "Heartbreaker" Ruy Batello, and his manager Sean Gorman, is seeking more respect from the PWF Northeast championship committee. Although the match started with some Comic Elements, Ruy Batello was able to upend Destiny in this single's match with his new "Ru-a-nation" finisher (Chris Daniel's Angel's Wings). After the match, Beast clamped his submission on Sean Gorman, much to the crowd's delight.

PWF Northeast Jr. Heavyweight Champion KL Murphy came out to the ring knowing that he was scheduled to face a member of the Hardcore Institute. Dr. Everette Payne came to the ring and announced Zachary (Zachary is a mid-teen weighing maybe 120 pounds, wearing a pair of dress slacks, and dress shirt/tie who hands out HCI propaganda to the fans). KL Murphy hit his Moonsaulting Reverse DDT "Murphy's Law" on Zachary and went for the pin. Payne laughed and said he would not have sent Zachary out for this match, he sold the title shot to someone very classy. Out comes Premier Wrestling Federation regular, "Gorgeous" Gino Giovanni". Gino verbally tears into Murphy with one of his all-time best promos. Finally the bell rings and the match is on. Giovanni uses his experience to get the better of Murphy. Gino hits his neckbreaker finish, but then taunts the crowd. As he picks up Murphy for a second neckbreaker, KL cut him off and hit Gino Giovanni with the "Murphy's Law" to win the match and retain the title.

In the main event, Criminal Intent (PWF Northeast Heavyweight Champion "Bad Boy" Billy Black and "The Enforcer" Larry Huntley) faced "Revolution" Chris Venom, once again teaming with best friend Triplelicious. Venom showed a lot of fire early, as did Triplelicious really wiping the mat with the champ and his sidekick. Huntley and Black managed to cut down Triplelicious and began to really beat him up badly. A few times Triplelicious came close to making the tag to Venom, who ended up not being there in the corner, but distracted by one of Criminal Intent. Finally. Triplelicious made the tag to Venom, who came in leveling Huntley and the champ with clotheslines, slams and more. "Bad Boy" snuck out of the ring to get his title belt, but was cut off in the ring by Triplelicious. Triplelicious teased hitting Black with the championship title, but instead turned and nailed Venom. Criminal Intent and Triplelicious all joined together beating Venom down, until finally Tim Kilgore, KL Murphy, and Striker ran out and cleared the ring. The crowd applauded as the helped Venom to his feet as the ring announcer told the fans that Venom was winner by Disqualification.