February 23, 2002

The standing room only Loomis Arena in Plainfield, CT played host to the first ever PWF Northeast event called "Genesis". The show was centered around a tournament for the vacant Heavyweight Title. At the top of the show it was announced that a handful of the scheduled guys had been injured/unable to make the event.

Dean Ripley introduced 1/2 of the PWF NE broadcast team, TJ Wyld, who pumped up the crowd for the TV taping (show coming soon to WorldWrestlingNetwork.tv).

In the opening contest, "Revolution" Chris Venom defeated Triplelicious with an amateur chicken win pinning combo. Triplelicious looked to have his friend/tag partner Venom beaten, but Venom managed to reverse into the amateur combo for the win. After the match, and angry Triplelicious seemed to refuse the handshake of Venom. When he finally accepted a handshake and hug, Trip countered with his H-cubed (Diamond Cutter) and left cursing Venom and the fans.

In the next contest, "Heartbreaker" Ruy Batello with "The Mouthpiece of the East" Sean Gorman faced Tuesday's Fixx (subbing for an injured Damian Houston). Fixx amazed the crowd with an array of luchadore-like moves, but finally succumbed to Ruy's new finisher "Ru-anation" (Chris Daniel's Angel's Wings.... sit-out pedigree).

"Enforcer" Larry Huntley came out to accept a forfeit win over Adam Hastey (who he brutally attacked the night before after a match at the Eastern Wrestling Alliance event in Auburn, ME).

"Bad Boy" Billy Black drew local home-town favorite Duff for his opening round contest. Duff, as usual, was incredibly over with the crowd... while "Bad Boy" was taunted with one of the longest "WHAT" chants ever. "Bay Boy" managed to reverse Duff's TKO attempt into his own "Bad Day" finisher (reverse spinning neckbreaker) to advance to the quarter finals.

In a non-tournament handicap match, Man's Best Friend (The Beast and Derik Destiny) faced the debuting Psycho Mike. Mike held his own against the popular tag duo, but then brawled with Beast until a double count-out. As Destiny stood in the ring, PWF Universal Tag Champions, The Damned ran out and hit him with a unique double arm-wringer into a double backbreaker. Destiny rolled out and TJ Wyld came to Interview the Damned. After choice words about former partners by Mad Dog, The Damned hit Wyld with "Total Damnation" (last ride powerbomb followed by a frogsplash).

In Quarter final action, "Revolution" Chris Venom face "Heartbreaker Ruy Batello. Ruy put a serious beating on Venom, who was able to reverse a Ruy whip into a chair, causing Ruy to be knocked nearly unconscious. A swanton bomb later and Venom would be in the semifinals of the tournament.

In the other quarter final. "Criminal Intent" was set to explode. "Bad Boy" Billy Black, possibly the most hated man in PWF NE, faced his stooge and partner, "Enforcer" Larry Huntley. Black told Huntley to know his position and to lay down for him. Huntley countered that he wanted the title. The two argued and the crowd was solidly behind Huntley, cheering as he asked if they wanted him to kick the butt of "Bad Boy". In the end, it was just a mind game, as Huntley simply laid down for Black and let him pin him. "Bad Boy" advances to the semi-finals agaist Chris Venom.

The next non-tournament match was a "Double Jeopardy" match for the vacant PWF Northeast Jr. Heavyweight Title. Two matches going on simultaneously in one ring at one time. The first two matches were KL Murphy facing Tim Kilgore and Johnny Curtis battling "Broadway" Kenn Phoenix. Kilgore and Phoenix have had history as stable-mates and tried to help each other from the get-go. After a flurry of high flying moves, Phoenix went to hit Murphy with a pair of brass knuckles and accidentally hit Kilgore, who Murphy pinned to win his match. A minute later, Phoenix rolled up Curtis to pin him. Kilgore came back to rindside as Murphy and Phoenix fought. KL reversed a Phoenix move attempt into his finisher, "Murphy's Law" (moonsaulting reverse DDT). After the match, Phoenix attacked the new champion. Kilgore came in and prepared to hit Murphy with the brass knucks from earlier, instead nailing Phoenix purposely. He helped up Murphy (who he has had numerous heated matches with in the past) and shook his hand, giving the new champ the title belt in respect. KL Murphy is the first PWF Northeast Jr. Heavyweight Champion.

Dr. Everette Payne of the Hard-core Institute came out and introduced himself to the crowd. At his side was his newest Marketing Dept. member, Zachary. (Krazy and even Johnny Curtis were members years ago, both becoming fine professional wrestlers.) He announced that he had come to PWF NE to guide two of his former students to success in a new territory. Payne called out Frankie "Mr. Muscles" Armadillo and Kid Krazy. Due to the Showtime Posse being unable to make the event, the PWF NE Tag Team Titles were given to the new HCI tag team. As they went to leave, ring announcer Dean Ripley informed the HCI that although they WERE the new PWF NE Tag champs, they WOULD have to defend the belts against a debuting team. Emerald Fusion (Blade & Mike Paiva) w/Mercedes came out. The four men, and Mercedes put on a highlight reel of a match. After untimely interference by Payne and Mercedes, both were banned from ringside. The match continued with Zachary interfering, and getting blasted by both of Emerald Fusion for his troubles. Armadillo charged at Paiva witha chain in his hands, only to be backdropped to the floor. Krazy tried a roundhouse with a chain onto Paiva, who ducked, trying to counter witha belly-to-back suplex. Halfway through the suplex, Krazy nailed Paiva with the chain and easily crawled to pin him. Frankie Armadillo and Kid Krazy, the HCI, are the PWF Northeast Tag Team Champions.

In the first semi-final of the Heavyweight Title Tournament, the final ICCW Heavyweight Champion "Big League" Brian Black faced the #1 Contender "Trendsetter" Adam Booker. Due to their rankings in the final ICCW ratings, both were given a bye to the tourney semifinals. These two pulled out all the stops. In an attempt to take short cut, Brian Black threw a handful of powder into the eyes of Booker. He then tried to hit the blinded Booker with a chair. Ref Pepe Sanchez grabbed the chair and threw it away. Booker charged Black and accidentally collided with the ref in a Gore attempt. Booker fought back and hit a powerbomb-flapjack combo and ref Pee Wee Sherman ran in to count the three. As the crowd cheered, Sanchez came to and reversed the decision, DQing both men for use of powder and for spearing him. The match is a double DQ and the other semi-final match would now be for the vacant PWF Northeast Title.

In the main event, "Bad Boy" Billy Black defeated "Revolution" Chris Venom to become the first ever PWF Northeast Heavyweight Champion. Both men worked their butts off striving to be the man who would lead the promotion as its champion. In the end, three hard matches took their toll on the back of Venom, who injured himself on a swanton attempt and couldn't capitalize for a pin. A miscue saw Huntley punch Billy Black, but as Venom nailed Huntley, it gave "Bad Boy" an opening to hit his "Bad Day" for the pinfall win