November 2, 2002.

PWF Northeast returned to the Loomis Arena in Plainfield, CT presenting "Treachery" to another great capacity crowd. New ring announcer Angel Avellino welcomed the fans and introduced the commentary team, TJ Wyld and Ebony Blade.

In the opening match, KL Murphy defeated Kid Mikaze of Thrillogy. Mikaze had kicked out of "Murphy's Law" (diving inverted DDT). Murphy then pulled down his knee pad and blasted Mikaze with a violent knee strike to the temple to get the win. Mikaze had to be helped to the back while Murphy grabbed the microphone and berated the crowd and locker room about not being up to par with him and put out an open challenge. This brought out Duff who took exception to Murphy's words, setting up a match between the two later in the night.

The second match was scheduled to be a handicap match with Vertabreaker facing Brotherhood of the Damned members "Kick Ass" Kyle Storm and PWF NE Jr.-Hvywt. Champion "Toxic" Tommy Knoxville, accompanied by Demonica. Verte took an early advantage in the match before being overwhelmed by his two opponents. As Storm and Knoxville put the boots to Verte, the lights in the Loomis Arena went out. When they came back on, "Psycho" Mike Osbourne, who had not been seen in the PWF Northeast since being beaten down by the Brotherhood of the Damned in August, was standing in the ring behind Storm and Knoxville. Osbourne worked over both, until they fled to the outside. It was then ruled that the match would be a tag team battle. It seemed as if Vertabreaker would have the match won, hitting Storm with the "Cottonmouth Killer" (Van Terminator). As Psycho Mike came off the ropes, Demonica grabbed his leg. He exited the ring and threatened to hit her, to the crowd's delight. Out of the locker room ran Mad Dog of the Damned and crushed "Psycho" Mike with a steel chair shot. Osbourne crumpled to the ground. In the ring, Knoxville managed to cut down Verte and get Storm back to his feet. The two of them then hit Vertabreaker with a combination Flapjack/Springboard X-Factor for the win. The crowd was extremely into this match, and "Psycho" Mike's surprise entrance rates as one of the loudest parts of the whole night.

The next match was announces as a "Luck of the Draw" Qualifier. "Heartbreaker" Ruy Batello, accompanied by "The Mouthpiece of the East" Sean Gorman, faced Thrillogy's Chris Camero. In what can only be deemed as a huge upset, Camero was able to take advantage of a miscue by Batello and hit a picture perfect 450 splash to gain 3 points in the "Luck of the Draw" standings.

Next up was another edition of "The Wyldside" hosted by TJ Wyld, making his return after a beating by the Brotherhood of the Damned (same incident as "Psycho" Mike). He announced his guest as Kid Mikaze, but out of the main entrance of the Loomis Arena came Dean Ripley, the ex-ring announcer of PWF Northeast who was fired last month for unprofessionalism when acting as a road agent. Ripley took the microphone and ran down Avellino, TJ Wyld, and the PWF Brass. This brought out the PWF Northeast Owner Mark Reality. He was condescending to Ripley, but then offered him a deal. If he could find a wrestler to manage, he would be granted a manager's license. Ripley countered that he could one-up that, and get two wrestlers.

In another "Luck of the Draw" qualifier, "TNT" Antonio Thomas of Thrillogy faced Triplelicious. Thomas was able to reverse Triplelicious' attempt at the H-Cubed (Diamond Cutter) and turn it into a schoolboy for the win and 3 points in the standings. After the match, Triplelicious had very negative things to say about the fans and PWF Northeast officials, using some very choice and racial words.

The next match was a bizarre one at best. The PWF Northeast Tag Team Titles would be on the line as 1/2 of the Tag Champions "Broadway" Kenn Phoenix would face members of Fuzion in a Gauntlet match. If both members of Fuzion won their matches, they would regain the tag team titles. Here's where it gets strange. Due to Mike Paiva not being able to make the event, his match would be wrestled by Fuzion's manager Mercedes. She had suffered a neck injury weeks before when Johnny Curtis hit her with an Aerial Crash, but seemed to have been in little to no pain. Kenn Phoenix was announced to the ring, only to be led by his new manager, "Talented" Dean Ripley, now calling the Tag Champs "The Talent Exchange." We can only assume that the other wrestler Ripley has signed to manage would be the other Tag Champ "Premier Player" Johnny Curtis. The first match would be Phoenix facing Blade. The match was a great high-flying technical display. After numerous pin attempts, Blade was able to pin Phoenix with a small package. As Phoenix started to get to his feet, Mercedes ran in and hit an amazing head scissors into a DDT. It looked like there would be new Tag Champs, but Phoenix kicked out just before 3. Mercedes attempted another head scissors, but the referee got in the way and was knocked down. "Broadway" grabbed the young woman and hit her with an Aerial Crash of his own. Dean Ripley climbed into the ring, and Blade tried to come in to stop him. Blade ducked Ripley's boot shot and hit Ripley with a suplex. Blade got up and was hit with the boot by Phoenix. Phoenix then got the ref up and pinned Mercedes to retain the titles. After the match, the referees came out and carried Mercedes to the back, as her neck seemed to be reinjured. 

Next up was the match set up earlier in the evening as fan favorite Duff faced KL Murphy. Duff had the fans and emotions behind him as he was able to counter "Murphy's Law" into his own "Bully Buster" (TKO) for the pinfall win. As he and the crowd celebrated, Murphy came to and pulled down his kneepad again. KL then hit Duff with the unprotected knee strike to the side of the head and left the ring.

The main event was over a year in the making as #1 Contender "Revolution" Chris Venom finally would receive his title shot against PWF Northeast Heavyweight Champion "Bad Boy" Billy Black. Venom ran to the ring and attacked the champion. The two men gave it their all. Venom finally used his last burst of strength to lock in the BTf'nR (modified T-Bone Suplex). He pinned "Bad Boy" and won the title, much to the delight of the crowd. Referee Holyoke Joe did not see that Black had his foot just barely on the ropes.

After the event, Mark Reality was given a copy of the tape by "Bad Boy" Billy Black and the Title was held up pending a rematch at PWF Northeast "Vindication" in less than two weeks.