PWF Northeast made its debut at the Elks Lodge in Worcester, MA.


 The opening contest saw the return of “Extreme” Adam Hastey, with Dr. Everette Payne, facing “Premier Player” Johnny Curtis, who was accompanied by “Talented” Dean Ripley. Both men have stepped up their games in the last few months. In the end, Dean Ripley attempted to hit Hastey with his boot, but missed and struck Curtis, winning the match for the “Extreme”. After the match Curtis fired Ripley and hit him with the Aerial Crash.


Next up, timekeeper and former ring announcer Angel Avellino entered the ring. She asked the PWF-NE Owner “Kick Ass” Kyle Storm to come to the ring so she could confront him about her embarrassing demotion the previous month. Storm was not pleased and started to intimidate the young lady. He then promised fans a “real show” and forced her to start to undress. As she unbuttoned her shirt, Storm lifted the back of her skirt, leading to her slapping the owner. He then grabbed Avellino and hit her with his “Choke Collar” neck breaker. Storm left the ring and Avellino was carried out by PWF-NE staff.


The next contest would be to decide the number one contenders for the PWF-NE Tag Team Titles. The team of Ruy-Nation (Ruy Batello & Triplelicious) would be facing the former champs, Fuzion (Blade & Mike Paiva w/Mercedes). Ruy-Nation rode the support of the crowd, as did Blade. Paiva, fueled by months of dissention, seemed to have a huge chip on his shoulder. Things broke down near the end of the match. It seemed that Blade had the match won for his team with a standing shooting star press. Mike Paiva broke up the pin and attacked his own partner. Blade reversed and tried a gorilla press on his partner, who fell into an amazing spinning tornado DDT. Batello and Triplelicious stood dumbfounded at what they witnessed. Paiva stood up and dropkicked Trip in the back causing him to fall on Blade to get the pin. After the match, Paiva pulled Blade’s leather belt off and began to whip him violently. Mercedes finally covered him and begged for Paiva to stop. Paiva spit in her face and left the ring after some choice words.


After that match, the PWF Northeast Junior-Heavyweight Championship was on the line as champion “Hott Stuff” Paul Hudson made a defense against Irwin “I.Q” Quincy, who had Grayson P. Alexander in his corner. The two cruiserweights put on a great match. Hudson would hit “Breakin’ It Down” to win the match and retain the title.


In a grudge match, “Bad Boy” Billy Black faced his long-time rival Ebony Blade. The two tore into each other for a good ten minutes, brawling through the Elks Lodge. The action spilled out of the ring, around the bar and finally back into the ring. It seemed that Black had the match won with a Russian leg sweep, but Ebony kicked out. “Bad Boy” then hit his elbow for another near-fall. Hiroshi Asai then came to ringside to once again taunt Black. As “Bad Boy” went to hit the masked man, Ebony attempted a roll-up pin. Asai blew the green mist and Balck ducked. Ebony was blinded by the spray and stumbled back into the “Bad Day” leading to “Bad Boy” Billy Black’s first pin fall win over the “Bad Ass Brit”. Asai left ringside looking upset at his miscue.


The following contest was a return women’s match. Demonica and Ariel would once again be tangling in their heated rivalry. Minutes before the match, Kyle Storm announced that he would be the special guest referee. Just as both women were ready to wrestle, Storm made a pass at Ariel, who slapped him. The bell rang and “Kick Ass” quickly grabbed Ariel and hit her with the “Choke Collar” allowing Demonica an easy three count and the win. PWF-NE Video Color Commentator and former owner Mark Reality entered the ring to confront Storm and check on Ariel. Kyle then hit Reality with the “Choke Collar”. This brought out Thrillogy to clear the ring and help Ariel and Reality to the back.


Thrillogy (Chris Camaro & Kid Mikaze) were soon back in the ring for the first defense of their newly won PWF-NE Tag Team Titles. Their first opponents would be The Score (SAT & MCAS w/ Val Dictorian). This match exemplified tag team savvy. Both teams brought out amazing and innovative maneuvers. The champions retained in the end debuting the “Thrill-switch” (a two-man Styles Clash).


TJ Wyld then came to the ring to have his “Wyld-side” segment, scheduled to have Kyle Storm as his guest. He was interrupted by Mike Paiva, who berated the fans, the wrestlers, and especially Blade. Paiva announced that he was ending the two-year partnership and that he single-handedly put the PWF Northeast on the map. Blade hit the ring and began to fire off on his former partner. Kyle Storm broke them up and threatened to fire them if they continued to fight. He then signed the former Fuzion to a strap match next month. Storm turned and nailed Blade with the “Choke Collar” and aided Paiva in putting the boots to him. Thrillogy ran out and chased off Storm & Paiva, helping Blade back to the locker room.


In a special challenge match “The New Era of Wrestling” TJ Richter was scheduled to face El Diablo. Richter came to the ring wearing the PWF-NE Junior-Heavyweight title he had stolen the previous month and proclaimed himself champ. He then announced the match with Diablo as “non-title”. Both men tore into each other with chops, various holds and kicks. The legitimate Junior Champ Paul Hudson came to ringside and entered the ring to attack Richter. This caused Diablo’s disqualification. “The New Era” fled the ring and Hudson tried to follow.  El Diablo, upset at his being DQ’d due to Hudson’s interference hit Hudson. Richter took this opening to grab the title belt and run.


In the main event, PWF Northeast Heavyweight Champion Kid Krazy, accompanied by Adam Hastey and Dr. Everette Payne, faced the debuting “Good Times” Vince Vicallo (fresh off WWE & NWA-TNA Tapings). The two men wrestled back and forth, with Krazy taking a decided advantage with his seconds at ringside. It still took a cane shot by Krazy, followed by the Piledriver to secure the victory and retain the title. Vicallo was bloodied by the cane shot, but will definitely be okay.