Sunday January 11, 2004: PWF Northeast debuted at the Squared Circle Academy in North Providence, RI. This would be the conclusion of the “Weekend of Retribution”.

In the opening contest, PWF Northeast Junior-Heavyweight Champion “Hott Stuff” Paul Hudson defended his title in a “fatal four way” match. His opponents would be “Zero Gravity” Jason Blade, “The Talent” TJ Richter and “Mighty Mouth” Mike Paiva, with Mercedes. Richter and Paiva had revealed their alliance as “DNA” the night before, leaving the champion fighting against the odds. At one point in the match, Paiva was able to lock into a brawl with Hudson and pull him away from ringside. With the two of them away, Richter was able to hit “The Richter Scale” (suplex into a cross-knee neck-breaker) on Blade to win the match and the title.

The next match was a mixed tag tem match between the teams of Irwin “IQ” Quincy and Valerie Dictorian with Grayson P. Alexander representing The Score and “Disturbed Dreams” comprising of “Disturbed” Damian Dragon and Foxxy Dreams. After Dragon sent himself and Quincy out of the ring with a clothesline, Dictorian got the win with a quick roll up on Foxxy.

The next match had a couple special stipulations. PWF Northeast Co-Owner Kyle Storm, “East Coast Intensity” Jose Perez, and “Bad Boy” Billy Black would face PWF Northeast Co-Owner Mark Reality and PWF Northeast Tag Team Champions Thrillogy (Kid Mikaze & Chris Camaro) accompanied by the newest member of Thrillogy, Ariel. The stipulations stated that if Storm’s team won, they would win the tag team titles. If Reality’s team won, he would be able to name the main event for Genesis III next month. The match was a great combination of three ring-hardened veterans and one of the best tag teams there is. The match was fast paced and hard hitting. Thrillogy, Perez and Black all brawled to the locker room area, followed by official Dan Tanaka, leaving the two PWF-NE Owners alone in the ring. Storm nailed Reality with a top rope elbow and then hit his “Choke Collar” (spinning snap neck-breaker). As Storm stood over Reality, the masked Hiroshi Asai ran in the front door of the building and blew green mist into the eyes of Kyle. Asai then hit Storm with a piledriver, and rolled Reality onto him for the pinfall victory.

In the next match, Ebony Blade beat J. Kronic and Johnny Trendy in short fashion by pin fall on Trendy.

Up next was “The Wyldside” hosted as always by “The Voice of the PWF” TJ Wyld. Wyld entered the ring and reminded fans about his New Year’s Resolution of not having his segments interrupted. He then brought out one of the students of the Squared Circle Academy to talk a bit about the program run there. Before the student could even get settled in the ring, a monster of a man ran from the back and proceeded to demolish the youngster with a double axe handle to the face, a brutal power bomb, and then an impressive Spicolli Driver. He then left screaming in anger. TJ Wyld laughed about it being a “good interruption”, before leaving the student in the ring to be helped out by referees and security staff.

In a singles match, Triplelicious, of Ruy-Nation with “Mouthpiece of the East” Sean Gorman, faced “SAT” Sigmund A. Tribeck, of The Score with GPA. Both men shined in this match until an Irish whip of Triplelicious into the corner popped the top turnbuckle loose. The two continued to fight, until Triplelicious was able to hit his H-Cubed (Diamond Dust) for the three count and the win.

In the main event of the event, PWF Northeast Heavyweight Champion Kid Krazy was forced to give Johnny Curtis a rematch from the night before. Curtis was not going to let his opportunity pass him a second time and waited in the ring waiting for Krazy to enter. Krazy snuck out from another entrance and chop blocked the knee of Curtis. For the next eight minutes, Krazy worked over the knee of his challenger. At one point, Krazy collided with referee Holyoke Joe. Krazy then kicked the ref and rolled him out of the ring. The match continued with no ref and Curtis had more than one pinning predicament go for more than a three count. Finally, ref Rich Bass ran to the ring and counted a pinfall awarding Johnny Curtis the Heavyweight Title. The crowd was ecstatic to see Krazy lose, but the Holyoke Joe talked to Bass and disqualified Krazy for kicking him. Curtis would win the match, but Krazy would retain the belt.

  This brought out PWF Northeast Co-Owner Mark Reality, who by grace of his pinfall win over Kyle Storm earlier in the night, decided to enact his power to sign the main event for February 7th’s “Genesis III” event. He said that Johnny Curtis would get his rematch in a No DQ, No Count Out match with Iron Man Rules. He then added that although he has confidence in his company’s officials, he needed a man who could not only last in a marathon match, but also hold his own in the ring. He revealed that the special guest referee for the match would be former World Champion Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat.