Saturday night January 10, 2004:

 PWF Northeast returned to the Webster Elks Lodge in Webster, MA for day one of its “Weekend of Retribution”.  The company debuted a new event look, including a new ring, security barriers, Video-Tron, and the quite popular PWF-Northeast Ring Girls.

The show began with an exciting highlight reel of the PWF Northeast stars, followed by a video tribute to all the wrestlers who had passed away in 2003.

In the opening contest, PWF Northeast Junior-Heavyweight Champion “Hott Stuff” Paul Hudson defeated “The Talent” TJ Richter by pinfall in a hard fought battle. After the match, Hudson finally regained possession of his title belt, which had been stolen by Richter in September of last year.

The fans then were shown a pre-taped segment with “Bad Boy” Billy Black entering PWF-NE Owner Kyle Storm’s office and demanding that he force the two masked wrestlers EL Diablo and Hiroshi Asai face off in a mask vs. mask match. Storm surprisingly agreed and allowed Black to dictate the fate of his two most recent rivals.

In the mask vs. mask match, Hiroshi Asai pinned El Diablo forcing him to unmask and show that he was “The East Coast Intensity” Jose Perez. This wasn’t a huge surprise as most suspected that Perez had revived his first persona in wrestling.  After Perez and Hiroshi showed mutual respect and Jose left the ring area, “Bad Boy” Billy Black’s music hit. Black walked out the curtain, and the dazed Asai called him on. As Asai faced the entranceway, another figure climbed out from underneath the ring. It was soon apparent that this was the real Billy Black. He attacked Hiroshi from behind and was assisted by the “Bad Boy” that had stepped out of the curtains. As the lights in the Webster Elks Lodge came fully on, fans in attendance saw that the first “Billy Black” was actually owner Kyle Storm. Jose Perez ran into the ring to make the save. He got on the microphone and tore into Kyle Storm, but then unexpectedly hit Hiroshi with a devastating face-buster maneuver. Perez, Black and Storm continued to beat down Asai until Thrillogy and Johnny Curtis eventually were able to make the save.

Next up was “The Wyldside” hosted by “The Voice of the PWF” TJ Wyld. Wyld came to the ring with a great deal of bravado and began to tell fans about his New Year’s Resolutions. He was interrupted by interviewer Angel Avellino, who gave him a note stating that the owner of the company needed some mike time. Wyld called out the owner, but former owner Mark Reality came out instead. Reality chastised Kyle Storm for his actions and then revealed that in his sale of ownership he had actually retained 50% of the company and was ready to take back control, due to Storm’s abuse.

The highly anticipated match between the former members of Fuzion would be next. “Mighty Mouth” Mike Paiva would face “Zero Gravity” Jason Blade accompanied by Mercedes. The match would be an old-fashioned leather strap match. Blade tore into his former partner gaining an ounce of revenge for the whipping he was given at the last PWF-NE event. Many were shocked by the brutality of the two men. Paiva’s back was covered in ugly purple welts by match’s end. Blade hit his finisher “The Switchblade” (reverse spinning neck-breaker) on Paiva and went to tag the four corners. As Blade went to tag the final corner, Mercedes dove between his hand that the turnbuckle pad. That distraction allowed Paiva enough time to grab Blade and hit a quick tornado DDT and then tag all four corners for the win. In the end, she would show her true colors and actually go to the side of Mike Paiva. Blade recovered while Paiva was gloating and threw him from the ring. As “Zero Gravity” was about to confront Mercedes, he was then attacked by “The Talent” TJ Richter. Richter and Paiva assaulted Blade while Mercedes cheered them on. They then introduced the man who fueled Paiva’s fire in the Fuzion break-up and who brought them together. Into the ring came a well-dressed man by the name of Dirk “The Package” Johnson. They all talked about being the definitive natural ability in wrestling… the DNA of wrestling. The four left together as referees and security personnel attended to Jason Blade.

In an inter-gender tag team match, Irwin “IQ” Quincy & Valerie Dictorian, representing The Score managed by “GPA” Grayson P. Alexander, defeated the team of Ariel and Ebony Blade. The finish of the match came when the ref was distracted, allowing GPA to hit Ebony in the head with his large lecture book. Ebony was then hit with IQ’s “Honor Roll” (tornado tomakaze) for the win. This match was a sharp contrast to the previous one, but definitely was one of the evening’s top bouts.

In a triple threat match for the PWF-NE Tag Team Titles, reigning champs Thrillogy (Kid Mikaze & Chris Camaro) defended against The Score (Mcas & SAT) with GPA and Ruy-Nation (Triplelicious and manager “Mouthpiece of the East” Sean Gorman subbing for an ill Ruy Batello). The Score, Thrillogy, and Triplelicious all showed a great deal of innovation in this match. Gorman once again proceeded to show why he is one of the most entertaining men in the business. He even managed to pull off a stunner on Camaro. After a barrage of amazing moves, somehow Mikaze was able to hit Triplelicious with a 360 degree twisting swanton for the win, a move that has to be seen to be believed.

After the match, Kyle Storm, Billy Black and Jose Perez jumped Thrillogy for their earlier save in the night. Storm continued to beat them saying he would end their careers if Mark Reality did not come to the ring by the count of five. Much to his surprise, Reality did come to the ring and enter to confront him. Storm quickly grabbed him for a “Chokecollar” (snap spinning neck-breaker), but then Triplelicious, Paul Hudson and Blade came to ringside, distracting Storm, Black and Perez. As they stood distracted, Thrillogy threw Black and Perez from the ring and Reality hit Storm from behind below the belt. This left the co-owner easy pickings for Thrillogy to hit him with the “Thrillswitch” (tandem Style’s Clash).

In the main event of the evening, PWF Northeast Heavyweight Champion Kid Krazy, with Dr. Everette Payne, defended his title against Johnny Curtis. Both men have wrestled all over the East Coast including stops at NWA-TNA. This match was one of the first times the two have faced each other one-on-one in quite some time. The two men traded arm drags a bit before they broke out into a total fight. The match was very solid with lot of back and forth action. Just as it would look as if Kid Krazy would win the match with his piledriver, Curtis reversed into an Aerial Crash. Just before the referee’s hand hit the mat for the three count, the time limit expired. Curtis and the fans asked for five more minutes, but Krazy would not do so and left the building with his championship reign intact.