For just under two years, Mercedes was not only the best friend of Jason Blade and Mike Paiva, but the sweetheart of PWF Northeast. When the team split, most thought she'd stay with Blade, away from the angry and abusive personality of Mike Paiva. Instead, she showed her true colors and joined the group known as "D.N.A".

Dirk Johnson:
Fans wondered why Mike Paiva and Jason Blade had trouble getting along. At "Retribution", we learned that someone had been in the ear of Paiva and had brought him together with TJ Richter to become "D.N.A". Johnson apparently comes from money and is used to rubbing elbows with the "beautiful people" in Hollywood.

"The Mouthpiece of the East" Sean Gorman: The loudmouth manager of Ruy-Nation is a man in need of Valium. The fast-talking Gorman bounces around the ring lightning fast. Gorman is known for his out of control actions and interviews. It is almost a known fact that when he has a microphone in his hand, Sean Gorman will say something quotable or hilarious.

Dr. Everette Payne: The charismatic leader of the cult-like Hard-Core Institute. Over the past few years has found himself as the mentor and leader of many of the current PWF Northeast Roster. Currently he manages Kid Krazy and "Extreme" Adam Hastey. He is credited with originally finding Johnny Curtis and bringing some of the most violent acts out of the Damned.

Grayson P. Alexander (GPA): The manager of The Score claims to be not only a brilliant mind, but a skilled athlete as well! GPA can be found in the corner of SAT and MCAS in tag team matches and with Irwin Quincy in singles matches. He also manages the surprisingly talented Valerie A. Dictorian, the newest member and first female, to join the Score.



Dan Tanaka: The man with the hair! Dan Tanaka is probably best known for his extremely long braid of hair. Hanging close to waist length, Tanaka constantly risks one of the PWF Northeast rulebreakers taking advantage of such an easy way to assault a ref. His reliability has paid off as Kyle Storm has named Tanaka the PWF Northeast Senior Official.

Phil Gates: This referee in PWF Northeast found himself busy at the most recent events. With other officials unable to attend, Gates found himself reffing some pretty high-profile Northeast matches. There is no truth to the rumors that he is the long lost twin brother of billionaire Bill Gates.

Rich Bass: Bass is the newest referee in the PWF Northeast. Was hired by Kyle Storm just after his buyout of the company. Has already officiated a handful of PWF Northeast bouts.


TJ Wyld: Wyld is host of the "Wyld-side" interview segments at most PWF Northeast events, as well as the broadcast partner to Mark Reality. TJ definitely puts his time researching the PWF Northeast stars, as he has become the textbook facts man in the play-by-play. As of the last month or two, TJ seems to be believing the hype that he is the "Voice of the PWF".

Mark Reality: Flamboyant? Yes. Cocky? You Bet. Calculating? Without a doubt! The co-owner of PWF Northeast, sick of Kyle Storm's abuse in power revealed he had maintained equal shares of stock in the company. Now he and Storm are head to head competing to take control of PWF Northeast.

Tommy D: Ring Announcer

Angel Avellino: Time Keeper

Adrienne West: Sound Technician.
Adrienne's Karaoke