The Hotseat recently had a chance to sit down with one of the newer PWF Northeast stars, Vertabreaker. Verte talked about a number of topics including KL Murphy, The Storm Brothers, and The Brotherhood of the Damned.

Hotseat: What are your initial impressions of being on
the PWF Northeast Roster?

My impressions are great. On a shoot level, I think
it's one of the talented and tight knit locker rooms
around. Along with NWA New England, it's one locker room that
you feel at home right away in, almost like your


Hotseat: You haven't had an easy initiation into PWF
Northeast. You had a few run-ins with "Big League"
Brian Black, and now seem to be on the bad side of the
Brotherhood of the Damned. Why is it that you think
you seem to be a marked man?

I think that it's people realize I'm a threat to their
positions. Kyle Storm and the BoTD are upset that I
have retaliated against their actions in PWF
NorthEast, and they aren't happy about it. As for
Brian Black, his attack on me was just him trying to
make a name for himself.


Hotseat: Sticking with the subject of the Brotherhood
of the Damned, you have a definite history with all
the members. Would you care to elaborate on any of the
past dealings with Draven, Mad Dog, Tommy Knoxville,
or Kyle Storm?

Actually I have an extensive background with all the
members of the BoTD. Kyle and Mad Dog, as most people
know are family to me, and I made my pro wrestling
debut with them, back when we were the Storm Bros.
Draven, I both feuded and teamed with as members of
the Outcasts (whom Mad Dog was also a member), and as
for Knoxville, up until now we had a real tight
rivalry. He's one of the most talented wrestlers in
the area right now, and are styles are similar, so we
were bound to feud over titles in the area, seeing
that we are in the same weight division.


Hotseat: Speaking of Knoxville, he just became the PWF
Northeast Junior-heavyweight Champion. Considering
your size and style of wrestling, is winning that
title an immediate goal for you?

I truly have no belt set in mind right now. My main
goal is to teach the Brotherhood of the Damned what
respect is. They seem to have gotten big heads, and
think they are on top of the game around here. I want
to show them that they can be brought down just as
easy as anybody else in the area.


Hotseat:Backstage at "Animosity", Tommy Knoxville
disappeared for about an hour. When he was found, he
was tied up, with his mouth taped shut. On the tape
were the numbers "8:40". Is there some relationship in
this with you? Knoxville's first words were
"Vertabreaker" after the Damned removed the tape. What
is your story on what happened?

Ya know what, that's a situation that you'll only
learn more about as it happens. I told Knoxville and
the BoTD that things were gonna happen. Maybe they've
started. You'll see soon enough what I have in store
for them.


Hotseat: You hold a reputation of being very
unconcerned with your own personal well-being in
matches. You have been battered, broken, and bloodied.
How is it that you keep stepping in the ring after
being in so many violent matches? Why do you continue
taking these risks when they could shorten your

Much of my repertoire of moves and just my simple style
of wrestling takes opponents off guard. While that
does put me at risk, it's almost always a guarantee
that they'll feel the effect too. A love for the
business and a desire to win is what drives me to do
what I do. That, and the fans are what make it all
worth it.


Hotseat: Who are some of the other PWF athletes that
you'd like to step in the ring with? How about any
wrestlers from around the world?

Right now, as  said before, Knoxville is one of the
most talented wrestlers in the area, but that doesn't
mean I won't smack the taste out of his mouth. I also
think that Ken Phoenix is a great talent, along with
K.L. Murphy. Right now my plans lie on taking out the
BoTD, but after that, those are some of the people I'd
like to face off with. As far as international
wrestlers go, I had a great opportunity to wrestle
Minoru Fujita, and after having that experience would
love to be in the situation to wrestle the Japanese
style again.


Hotseat: Are there any final words that you'd like to
say to your critics? Final words for your fans?

As for my critics, you don't know me. If your a fan
paying money to see me and aren't satisfied, then you
can have your opinion. As for the jealous, the
two-faced, and the so called Smarks.... Screw Them,
the real fans are what matters. Just remember... Evil
Still Remains! 8:40 Time!