The Hotseat had the opportunity to interview a returning star, "Psycho" Mike Osbourne after his exciting surprise appearance at the Loomis Arena. He has a number of topics to touch on including the Brotherhood of the Damned, Vertabreaker, and Chris Venom.

Hotseat: What are your impressions/feelings about being part of PWF Northeast?

Psycho Mike: PWF Northeast has a stacked roster of talent...and being able to work with
everyone on the shows is awesome. I'm pretty new to the New England indy
scene, only being around southern New England for about a little over a being a part of the PWF Northeast roster is an honor, considering
the level of talent I get to work with on each show. I feel that if the guys
(and gals) in the locker room continue to work hard to put on the quality
shows that we have been putting on....PWF Northeast will be considered one
of the top promotions not only in New England, but all along the east coast.

Hotseat: You seem to have really gotten on the bad side of the Brotherhood of the
Damned. What are your feelings on going head-to-head with such a seemingly
powerful adversary?

Psycho Mike: Well...the BOTD is quite possibly the toughest challenge I've had to date
in my career. Each member of the BOTD is tough in their own right. Knoxville
is one of the best junior heavyweights in New England, bar none. I've had my
share of battles with him, and I know he is one tough bastard. Kyle Storm is
a veteran in New England, and has years upon years of experience over
me...not to mention he is pretty reckless in the ring, so that makes him
tough. Then we have The Damned. Both Mad Dog and Draven played a huge part
in my training for professional wrestling, so they know me very very well
and have me scouted. They have been around New England for a long time, and
have tons of experience in this they are very crafty and know
what they are doing in there, making them very tough opponents. Then you
have the mouth pieces of the BOTD....Demonica and Mark Reality. Demonica is
very smart. She is not afraid to get involved in the matches, either. As for
Mark Reality...his first name describes him best....however, he does have
money and he is another very very smart man. As you can see, each member of
the BOTD are tough in their own rights....but the thing that makes them even
tougher is the fact that they are a team. They travel together, they hang
out together, they do everything together, they all kiss each other's asses,
etc. I think you get the point. When facing one of the members of the BOTD,
you cant concern yourself just with the one you are facing, but you also
have to be concerned with the other members who might be looming in the
locker room, because they LOVE to get involved in each others matches to
ensure victory at any cost. That's why I am thankful I have that crazy
bastard, Vertabreaker, on my side. I don't think he feels pain....and having
someone like that on my side is a big confidence booster.

Hotseat: You've said in previous interviews that the Damned had been influences on
your early training. Where did things go wrong? Why do they seem hell bent
on taking you out of the business?

Psycho Mike: When I first broke out of Rampage Pro in Maine and got down to Southern New
England, I looked to The Damned to help me become a better wrestler.
Although The Damned are fan favorites in some parts of New England, they
always have and always will be "rule breakers"....however, they ARE tough
bastards and know the business very well, so I figured they would be able to
help me become the wrestler I wanted to be. I trained with The Damned, and
was making vast improvements. Then came my debut for PWF Northeast. I worked
a few events for PWF Northeast, and was moving up the ladder in the
rankings, having almost defeated Adam Booker for #1 contendership to the
Heavyweight title. The following event, I was teamed with Ruy Batello as we
took on Plainfield's hometown boy, Duff. It was scheduled as a handicap
match, due to Duff's partner not being able to make it to the event. So the
end of the match came when I hit Duff with the "jacket" and scored the
pin fall. Although we had won....Ruy was very upset I scored the pin and not he showed his displeasure with me by shoving me and smacking
me in the face. I guess he thought I would stand for that or
he continued to hassle the crowd at the Loomis Arena. I turned him around
and treated him to a jacket as well and left him laying in the ring. This
started a new attitude for me. No longer would I be the "rule breaker" that
The Damned had been training me to be, but I would be my own man...and not
take any crap from anyone. This made me a fan favorite. From there, I had a
falling out with The Damned at their training center, and haven't been back
to this day. Perhaps that is why they want to take me out....because I went
off and did things my way, and was no longer a puppet for The Damned.

Hotseat: What are some of your goals in PWF Northeast?

Psycho Mike: Right now, my main goal is to rid the PWF Northeast of the BOTD, or at least
try my hardest to show them that I'm not about to bow down to them, no
matter how many of them they send out at me. Once I finish them off, I might
think about trying to go after the PWF Northeast Heavyweight title. I'm
unsure right now. My main focus is on the BOTD, so looking beyond that is a
bit blurry for me.

Hotseat: How about long term goals in the business of wrestling?

Psycho Mike: I think everyone's goal in this business is to someday hopefully be able to
make a full time living out of this. Then again, you have to look at it
realistically. There are probably only 100 guys and girls who make a full
time living off of this profession in the entire country. There are
thousands upon thousands of independent workers all across the US. You need
to have something to differentiate yourself from the rest, so being able to
do that is my biggest goal right now. On a realistic level, I would like to
hopefully branch out and start working in the NJ-PA area in the near future,
and maybe even start working up and down the east coast from Maine to
Florida and all points in between. Someday try to make it out to the
mid-west and work out that way. All of this would be great, and are things I
am going to continue to work hard and try to make happen.

Hotseat: Let's go back to "Treachery", you had quite a surprising entrance. You
virtually appeared out of nowhere. The crowd showed you some unbelievable
support. What did it feel like to know that Psycho Mike was not forgotten
after a three month absence?

Psycho Mike: To be gone for that long and not be forgotten is truly awesome. The fans at
Loomis Arena are great. Usually when someone is not around for a while, they
come back and its either intense or the fans don't care one bit. To be able
to have the fans care and welcome me back in such a big way is truly
awesome, and I'm glad that I wasn't forgotten.

Hotseat: You seem to be on a collision course with Kyle Storm for "Vindication". Do
you have any special strategies to take out this ring veteran?

Psycho Mike: Not really. I'm just planning on going in there and giving him 110%, and
see if he can beat me at my best. Kyle is a veteran, so he will have some
tricks up his sleeve....but I'm prepared to deal with that. He won't have
his buddies Mad Dog, Draven or Demonica there in the back to help him out,
come time for Vindication. It will be me and Kyle, one on one. Granted
Knoxville and Mark Reality will be there, but that's where the help of
Vertabreaker will come into play. He's got my back, to make sure that it's
just Kyle and on one. Come time for Vindication, you are going
to see a NEW Mike Osbourne....and that is going to become a big problem for

Hotseat: Who are some of the other PWF Northeast stars that you'd like to face one on
one? Wrestlers from around the world?

Psycho Mike: of my biggest influences of all time was Jake "The Snake" it would be an honor and privilege to someday step into the
ring with him. Some others that come to mind would be Ted DiBiase, Ric
Flair, and one of my personal favorites from WWE....Christian. As for PWF
Northeast stars....there are a few guys I would like another shot at. Billy
Black is one that comes to mind. I've had a brief feud with him in NCW
earlier this year, along with Kenn Phoenix. Some others that I would like to
work with would be Chris Venom....just as a test to myself to see how well I
could do to keep up with a superior mat technician such as himself. I'm sure
I can think of others, but these are the guys that pop up in my mind first.

Hotseat: Do you have any final words for your fans and your critics?

Psycho Mike: To my fans...thank you very much for your continued support. I enjoy going
out there and performing for each one of you every show. As for my
critics...if you have good things to say about me and my work....thank you
very much. If you have bad things to say about me and my work....again,
thank you very much.  And finally, one last plug...visit my website at