Hotseat was able to sit down with one-half of the PWF Northeast Tag Team Champions, "Broadway" Kenn Phoenix. He had a lot to talk about, including the Tag Titles, Thrillogy, Fuzion, and WWE.

Hotseat: Kenn Phoenix thank you for sitting down with us today

Phoenix: no problem.. just make it quick. Ask away as I have seen these interviews before

Hotseat: You got off to a very slow start here in PWF Northeast and then boosted the spotlight.  What happened?

Phoenix:  Basically the people began to see the more Talented side of Broadway Kenn Phoenix.  A tag partner found me and we got a manager now look at us.  We are the hottest thing in PWF-NE

Hotseat: What transpired between you and Johnny Curtis to form one of the top teams in New England?

Phoenix: Well we both are about the same size, although I am a little bit bigger.  Having the same views on PWF-NE, we felt we could be the best thing for them.  And our manager only helped us become bigger stars than we imagined. But its been a tough road.

Hotseat: Speaking about your manager, There are those who say your two title wins were basically handed to you.  Care to comment on that?

Phoenix:  Please! No Way!  You are looking at Curtis and myself and there is no two wrestlers who could stand toe-to-toe with us in any type of match.  No one has done what we have done.  With experience comes ring knowledge.  And you learn to win by any means necessary.

Hotseat: You proved that with your wins at NWA-Wildside and the huge TLC match at Anniversary

Phoenix: You're damn right we did!

Hotseat: That was some feat.  Tell us about that match.

Phoenix: I can tell you it was nerve racking for all of us.  Basically it was our plan to win at any cost, which is our game plan every time we wrestle. We faced two tough teams that were smaller and faster than us.  That required us to use team work and watch our backs the entire match which is why we won.

Hotseat: What do you feel about those two teams?

Phoenix: I feel they are awesome workers with loads of potential.  Their downfall is their lack of strength and size.  Hell, Mikaze is always going to be small, so I'll let him off the hook.

Hotseat: How would you describe your time with PWF-NE and the locker room?

Phoenix: Oh man its been a blast.  I mean at first there were times I didn't have fun but now everything has smoothed out.  Now it's an awesome place to be and everyone is great.

Hotseat: We have received some amazing news concerning your dark matches for NWA-TNA and WWE as well as your return to NWA-Wildside.  How does that feel?

Phoenix:  It feels really great to be doing this at such a young age.  Hopefully I can learn from it all and eventually work full time, which is my dream. 

Hotseat: Where do you see Broadway Kenn Phoenix a year from now?

Phoenix: A little bit closer to attaining my dream.  Ask me in 3 years and it will be different.

Hotseat: Any Last words?

Phoenix: Basically my plan is to keep entertaining people on the independent level.  I guarantee that I will fulfill my dream and work for the WWE full time.  Anyone can if they want it bad enough.  You just have to pay your dues and bust your ass hard.  Anyone who says I haven't paid my dues is crazy and doesn't know much.

Hotseat: Thank you for your time Kenn and good luck on your upcoming tour and defending your titles.

Phoenix: You mean "retaining our titles" and you're welcome