Hotseat was able to sit down with the PWF Northeast Rookie of the Year Kid Mikaze. He had a lot to talk about, including the Northeast Tag Titles, Fuzion, and The Amazing Red.

Hotseat: How did you break into the business?

Mikaze: Well I had heard of a wrestling school in Waterbury, CT. And was thinking of checking them out. Then a friend handed me a card with the number to a wrestling school on it. I procrastinated but then decided my dream was worth chasing and I called. The wrestling school happened to only be about 15 - 20 min away so in the summer of 2000, Kid Mikaze stepped into a wrestling ring for the first time. 

Hotseat: What are your impressions/feelings about being part of PWF Northeast?

Mikaze: Well PWF Northeast scouted me at a show and decided to give me a tryout. I went in and they liked it. They let me take full control of my gimmick, running it the way I wanted it to go and so I took the chance and ran with it. Needless to say, I'm liking the way things are going at this point.

Hotseat: How did you meet Chris Camero and Antonio Thomas? What led the three of you into becoming "Thrillogy"?

Mikaze: Well, a little background story is in order here. You see Camero and I have known each other since we were like 6 years old. We parted ways growing up, but were brought together by one mutual love... wrestling. We both ended up breaking in together; Camero taking a little hiatus along the way, with me moving forward quicker. Thomas came along during wrestling school. He joined when I was about mid-way through. Ever since then, we've all traveled together. 

Hotseat: How did it feel to step in at "Vindication" as the partner of Mike Paiva and win the PWF Northeast Tag Team Titles? How did that change after Fuzion expected you to give your belt to Blade to make THEM the champions?

Mikaze: I have the utmost respect for Fuzion. They go out and give it their all every single time they wrestle and that's something I can admire. To be asked to step in for a hurt blade was like joining a brother. Paiva and I have similar work styles and we both know each other back and forth. It wasn't really anything out of the ordinary for me; not as if I was stepping into foreign territory or something. I actually very much enjoyed working with Paiva. 
I was dumbfounded when he asked me to relinquish the title I rightfully won to Blade. As every one can see from the tape, Paiva was going down for the count. If it wasn't for me, the Talent Exchange would still be champs. I'm not trying to sound pig headed or anything. Just go back to the tape. The titles changed hands because of Kid Mikaze and the Shinobi Press, so the straps should be around the waists of the Thrillogy. 

Hotseat: There are a number of tag teams you could face in the near future in PWF Northeast. Give me your opinions on each...


The Talent Exchange (Phoenix & Curtis): Very dangerous tag team. They have the size and the skill to take out anyone in the PWF. Their work ethic and their knowledge of the word "TEAM" are two attributes that any wrestler can respect them for. I feel though that their weakness is their ability to easily be distracted. 

The Bash Brothers (Krazy & Armadillo): These two can easily prove the phrase "size doesn't matter". Their work as a team is second to none. They are even more dangerous because these two are two of the top singles competitors out there as well. This is a team that I am going to especially have to keep a close eye on. 

Fuzion (Blade & Paiva): This team here, in my eyes, is the team that closely resembles Thrillogy . Resembling, meaning that they can be seen and appear to have a similar style of wrestling… the highflying style. You would think that the only solution needed to take them out would be to ground them, but if you study closely, you will see that there is more to this team than meets the eye. They do have a unique style of technical work hidden in them. This tandem will be one to watch. 

The Damned (Mad Dog & Draven): This team would be the team that I would consider to be the strongest when it comes to brute strength as well as experience. They are the biggest of the tag teams and they have enough energy and viciousness to take anyone out without feeling a bit of remorse. Only one word can really describe these guys ………… SCARY!!!!!

Hotseat: At this stage in your young career, PWF fans are already seeing similarities with another PWF & NWA-TNA star... the Amazing Red. What are your thoughts on him? How do you think you would match up with him one on one? Is this a match you would like to step into in the near future?

Mikaze: My thoughts on Red are the same as most everyone else. This kid is amazing. He does things that some people just can't fathom pulling off. I first saw him wrestle, as I was mid-way through training. My eyes didn't blink for the whole time he was up there. 
I think that I would match up pretty good with him. I wont deny the similarities within our styles. I like the way he wrestles. I think Red and I would pull off a match to be remembered. I've actually been in the ring with him once. He, Blade, and I met in a three-way dance for another area promotion. It was a very good match, but you can't really base anything on it because Red and I hardly touched each other. The match also only went for a good 6 min. Kind of quick for a three-way. 
Would I like to get in the ring for a one on one with him? Of course! I'd love to go toe to toe with Red… I think we'd give PWF fans, as well as wrestling fans all over, something to really remember.