Hotseat: Kyle, you basically surprised the fans, the wrestlers, just about the whole world when you saved PWF Northeast from certain closing. What inspired you to step in financially and save the failing company?

Storm: PWF Northeast had become my home. I was friends with a lot of the roster and didn't want to see it close. I could do something to change its financial problems, so I bought out Reality.

Hotseat: Where does this leave The Brotherhood of the Damned? What about former Northeast owner Mark Reality?

Storm: The Brotherhood was not really an issue, was it? Draven has stopped returning calls to everyone since the night "Mad Dog" and I teamed to win the PWF Northeast titles. Demonica is busy on her own pursuits. Knoxville is, well, Knoxy. As for Mark Reality, he signed himself an iron-clad deal to do color commentary. I wouldn't shed any tears for him.


Hotseat: As one of your first decrees or decisions as owner, you stripped yourself and your brother "Mad Dog" Matt Storm of the Tag Titles and will decide new champions in a "Toxic Waltz". What can you tell us about vacating the titles and about "The Toxic Waltz"?

Storm: I think my brother said it best, there was no possible fair way for me to be owner and champion. Matt and I made the "Toxic Waltz" up about five years ago to decide the first ever Mayhem Independent Wrestling Champion. I'll let the fans find out about what the match is on September 19th. All I will say is that it definitely could steal the show.

Hotseat: Later that same night, you made a retirement match between "Mad Dog" and "Bad Boy" Billy Black. Your brother lost and is now no longer wrestling. How does it feel to be semi-responsible? Has this hurt your relationship?

Storm: You know, Matt and I have been through a lot over the last five years. He knew what it meant to agree to that sort of match. He really didn't get fair deal in the end, but I have to call things down the middle. He'll get over it in the long run.

Hotseat: We've also witnessed a changing of the guard in the new Northeast Heavyweight Champion Kid Krazy. What are you going to do to ensure that his title reign brings credibility and prestige to the title?

Storm: As you may have noticed, I am starting to sign title matches with the top athletes in the region. I want a champion that proves he can hang with "the best around". Luis Ortiz and Vince Vicallo are two of the best around,  even if they have never been in a PWF-NE ring before. If one of them can win the title, then I will be just as proud to have them represent my company.

Hotseat: Now that you are the owner of the company, will you be seeing a reduced in-ring role in PWF Northeast?

Storm: As of this moment, I have very few plans to get back in the ring.

Hotseat: The "Mark Reality" era of PWF Northeast brought us some amazing moments. TLC from "Genesis II" seems to be the one most mentioned. What will the "Kyle Storm" era do to top its predecessor?

Storm: I guess you'll have to stick around and watch. I have a lot of surprises planned. Damn, did I mention Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, "Handsome" Harley Race, and Les Thatcher are coming in February? I think topping Reality's "era" will be more of a regular event, than a challenge.

Hotseat: When Mark Reality announced that he was closing the promotion, there was a huge support movement on the Internet. Most of the people admitted that they hated to see the company close. Many of the roster members were also equally supportive. Did this influence your decision to buy the company?

Storm: Of course it did. When I became a part of the roster, I was accepted into the family. I wasn't about to let that family be broken up.

Hotseat: Let's run through a quick word association. I'll say a name and you give me the first thing that comes to mind.
Hotseat: "Toxic" Tommy Knoxville

Storm: Makes me proud to have trained him.

Hotseat: The PWF Northeast Tag Team Title Vacancy

Storm: S*@% Happens!

Hotseat: Mark Reality

Storm: The name says it all.

Hotseat: "Mad Dog" Matt Storm

Storm: Good Luck Bro!

Hotseat: "Bad Boy" Billy Black

Storm: Son of a Bitch

Hotseat: Kid Krazy

Storm: Underrated and Gifted

Hotseat: Genesis II's Tables Ladders & Chairs match

Storm: I'm Glad Blade still has his head.

Hotseat: Tough Enough 3's Jonah

Storm: Ended up earning a little of my respect.

Hotseat: The "Choke Collar"

Storm: Best finishing move in the biz

Hotseat: and the final one... PWF Northeast's Future.


Hotseat: Kyle, or should we say "Mr. Storm"... Thank you for providing us with some of your obviously limited time. We want to wish you nothing but the best of luck in your rebuilding PWF Northeast!