Hotseat: KL Murphy, thank you for sitting down with the Hot Seat today.

KL Murphy: It's about time I've been given a forum to talk about my PWF-Northeast troubles as of late.

Hotseat: Now KL, as of late you have been telling the fans of PWF-NE that you have been abandoned by your followers and that you are still their "Hero".  Why is that?

Murphy: Since the beginning of PWF-Northeast, I've had a pretty decent run.  I've been the first Junior Heavyweight Champion, and have taken down some tough competitors.  It wasn't until I had a long talk with Chris Hamrick, that I decided that the path I was traveling was not a path to success.  He showed me how the fans have turned on me, and ultimately have given me nothing but grief.  I continue to try to be their hero.

Hotseat: It definitely seems your "talks" with Chris Hamrick and "Simply Luscious" Ronnie Stevens have had an impact on your career.  Can you give us any insight as to the nature of those talks?

Murphy: If I told you everything they told me, than that would take away my advantages I have on the rest of the PWF-Northeast staff.  However, I will say that they showed me what matters, and what wins matches.  Fans clapping for you or chanting your name does not keep your opponents shoulders down for a three count.

Hotseat: Lately you have vented your frustrations on your friend and training partner, the PWF-NE champion Chris Venom.  Backstage at Turbulence 2K3, you claimed that Venom turned his back on you when he became the champion.  Do you care to elaborate?

Murphy: It's no secret that Chris Venom and I have been friends for our first 3 years trying to get anywhere in the wrestling business.  We've trained together in multiple places, traveled together and have even had a short run as a tag However since Chris Venom changed his Surname from "Revolution" to "PWF-Northeast Heavyweight Champion", things haven't been the same.  He's taken every eye and bit of limelight off the fans Hero, and onto himself. The fans need to be reminded who their hero really is.  

Hotseat: So this isn't about the title is it?  After all you held gold here before, you don't have an aftertaste still lingering?

Murphy: To make this crystal clear, this is about more than one thing.  This is about me being #1 in PWF-Northeast.  This is about making top dollar because I should be the crowning champion in this company. Most of all this is about showing Chris Venom, and the fans, who is #1, and who's the Hero.

Hotseat: Recently on, it was revealed that you purchased Venom's open contracts for your own will.  Do you feel this was a good tactic in your quest or just leading up to something bigger?

Murphy:  Both.  It's the first tactic in my quest to make Chris Venom pay for turning the fans on me.  But you can expect problems for Chris Venom in the future, problems even bigger than me.

Hotseat:  At "Turbulence 2003", after you laid Venom out with your dreaded
Kneestrike which is a devastating maneuver by the way, your former mentor and trainer "Mad Dog" Matt Storm came to the ring to save the fallen champion.  Your thoughts?

Murphy:  I can't say that I know Matt's motivation for saving Venom.  But I'm glad that he did.  If I was in the ring with Venom any longer I would of probably injured him severely.  I don't want to go through another tournament to get the PWF-Northeast Heavyweight title.  I want Venom fresh and at his best so when I knock him out with my Kneestrike, the fans will lose faith in the Revolution, and join their Hero again.

Hotseat: Do you feel this might be Matt showing favoritism to his former pupil though?

Murphy: It may be that, it could be a lot of things.  I'd hate to speculate but I'm sure he has his own selfish reasons.  Either way I'm not afraid of Matt, big or small a knee to the face feels to same to everyone.

Hotseat: Ok KL lets do a little word association:  Chris Venom

Murphy: Betrayer

Hotseat: The Damned

Murphy: The Legion of Doom of today (But stay outta my way)

Hotseat: Matt Storm (as a whole)

Murphy: Trouble

Hotseat: Chris Hamrick

Murphy: Guide

Hotseat: PWF-NE Heavyweight Title

Murphy: End Game

Hotseat: Hero

Murphy: KL Murphy

Hotseat: PWF Northeast

Murphy: My Playground

Hotseat: Any last words before we conclude the interview?

Murphy:  Yes I would like to wrap up this interview, in a similar fashion to radio "shout-outs":

    Chris Hamrick: Thank you for showing me the path of success.

    Matt Storm: Stay out of my way.
     PWF-NE: Fans, you will be enlightened someday.  I promise.
    Chris Venom: I'm coming for you.  I will be as brutal, wild, and be the baddest m@f$ I can.  You are not going to like what the next months will bring.

Hotseat: Thank you KL for this interview and we will see you at Convergence '03 in Longmeadow, MA June 7