picture credit: Derek Pinto

The Hotseat recently had a chance to sit down with the PWF President and Co-Owner Rob Dimension. Dimension talked about a number of topics concerning PWF Northeast.

Q: Mr. Dimension, thank you for taking the time to sit on the HotSpot this month.

A: Thank you for a chance to respond to everything that has been going on. And just Rob is fine.

Q: It's been a year since you became president of the Premier Wrestling Federation. How has your inaugural year been?

A: It has been a year filled with a lot of emotions. The good the bad and the in between. I am very proud as to how the PWF and it's divisions are growing.

Q: Has there been any highlights you can think of?

A: I think there are a lot of highlights....We are working with the Zero One promotion in Japan. Our videos are being sold around the world now and our shows are near sell outs with top notch quality workers. I am looking forward to this next year. 

Q: What is your thoughts on the branching out of the PWF name into two completely and uniquely different territories?

A: Branching out the PWF name was a decision by Steve Corino, Bryan Riegel and myself. We are an old school mentality organization, so creating divisions, with the Universal titles being recognized similar to the NWA, was a way for us to separate ourselves from other regional promotions.

Q: Since your debut with PWF Northeast at "Defiance", you have been the subject of controversy. Can you discuss that?

A: I was lied too. Plan and simple. I left the PWF Northeast division in control of the Damned, Mad Dog and Draven. I trusted these guys since at the time they were PWF Universal champions, and were world class talent. They were contacting me with problems with this guy, then that guy, then like all lies....they got caught. So when I first arrived I was almost blinded by falsehood. As time went on, I saw the good and the bad and they seemed to switch sides.

Q: After "Mayhem Revisited: Another Drive-By", it seemed that the war with The Brotherhood of the Damned had just begun with The Damned and their new benefactor, Mark Reality publicly and physically berating you. Any thoughts?

A: The truth finally surfaced. I knew going into this situation, that we were gonna get into it. Just a week earlier, the Damned were ousted from the Universal division for 90 days. They had a big problem with me and they were very vocal about it. So, they decided that they needed a new "Benefactor." Great, lets see what true Reality does for them. I will step up and stand behind this company and will not tolerate anyone trying to destroy our reputation. 

Q: Were you aware that The Brotherhood had in fact orchestrated a Northeast mutiny against you and basically are doing everything in their power to keep you down?

A: The most recent show, due to scheduling conflicts, I was unable to be there. So, it was kinda like letting the kids have run of things. Mutiny in history was always a punishable offense. It will be no different here. I will be in attendance for the next one...and I have plenty to say to "the Brotherhood".

Q: What plans do you have for the PWF as a whole in the next few years?

A: I think the goal is to continue the way were are going. Just putting out a great product, allowing the fans to enjoy some of the best shows and as always we will try to be the most fan friendly promotion around. People can always email myself about anything.

Q: What plans do you have for The Damned in PWF Northeast or when they return to PWF Universal?

A: Once the 90 days are over, they will be welcomed back. Regardless of how they feel towards me, we are a fan driven promotion. Just like myself, I know the fans want to see the Damned get beat down.... again....no place better than the PWF.

Q: Is there anything you want to add? 

A: I just want to encourage fans to come on out to the shows, email any of us and continue to check out the websites for news about the PWF and the divisions. And thank you goes out to everyone who has supported us in the past and those who will support us in the future.

Q: Thank you for your time.

A: Thank you, any time. I will see you at the next PWF show.