"Zero Gravity"

Jason Blade

Height: 6'
weight: 170 lbs

Hometown: Cameron, RI

Years pro: 3 years

Titles Held in PWF Northeast: PWF Northeast Tag Champion

Favorite Move/Finishing Maneuver: Switchblade

Toughest opponent: The Damned (Mad Dog & Draven)

Most Hated Opponent: "Mighty Mouth" Mike Paiva

Greatest Match: TLC w/Mike Paiva vs The Talent Exchange vs. Thrillogy (Genesis II 2/15/03)

Tag Partner: none

Manager: Mercedes

Other Promotions Wrestled For: 
PWF-Universal, NWA-Wildside, UWF, AWF, PWA, NCW, HWF, PLW, YPW, SCCW, XWA

Website:  The Official Blade Website