With just under a month to go before the PWF Northeast's second anniversary event "Genesis III: The Night of Legends", the event has begun to take shape. We have found out that the main event will be champion Kid Krazy facing Johnny Curtis in a No DQ, No Count Outs, Ironman Rules match. To top it off, this match will be officiated by one of the original Iron Men in pro wrestling, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. Steamboat, a former World Champion, made history in regular 60 and even 90 minute matches. He is probably best remembered for his legendary WrestleMania III match with Randy Savage and his NWA World Title Run facing Ric Flair. Neither Kid Krazy or Dr. Everette Payne could be reached for comment, but it is no secret that Steamboat is an idol of both challenger and champion. Will the third time be the charm for Johnny Curtis? Will Krazy keep his winning streak alive? What role will "The Dragon" play in this feud?


Definitive Natural Ability

Know one expected to see all that went down during the strap match between "Zero Gravity" Jason Blade and "Mighty Mouth" Mike Paiva. First of all, both tore into each other with seemingly limitless hatred. Paiva left covered in ugly purple welts, but won the match when Blade's manager and best friend Mercedes turned on him and went to the side of "Mighty Mouth". After the match, "Zero Gravity" recovered and tossed Paiva out of the ring and prepared to question Mercedes about her interference. He was then ambushed by "The Talent" TJ Richter. Richter, Paiva and even Mercedes proceeded to kick and stomp on Blade as they took turns talking about coming together due to the urging of one man... Dirk "The Package" Johnson. A well-dressed man in the crowd then entered the ringside area and was introduced as Johnson. He then talked about how the group was the epitome of Definitive Natural Ability, the virtual DNA of the sport of wrestling. With that said, the group has formed with that moniker with the mission of success. It would appear that this was a good decision for at least one member of the group. The alliance with Paiva aided TJ Richter in winning the PWF Northeast Junior-Heavyweight Championship. What other goals does "The Package" have in store for the upstart group? Regardless, it would appear that DNA is all over the PWF Northeast!

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