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"PWF Northeast Edition"

From the Desk of PWF Universal General Manager Rob Dimension....

2/5/03 "Genesis II: Rebirth" Thoughts

Hey PWF fans, I hope everyone is ready for, what I feel, will be the break though show for the PWF Northeast. Closing in on 1 year anniversary is a great accomplishment, and I am extremely happy that the entire group has done such a fantastic job.
       The first year in any business is difficult, but in the wrestling business, so much is on the line. For instance, you need to gain credibility in which the Northeast has done by bringing in top notch talent, getting some media exposure and building their home grown talent. Fan base is equally important, I have witnessed the birth of the PWF Northeast following firsthand, and it grows with each passing show. Promoting your promotion is the hardest job of all, telling others that your company is better or offers something different is what gets asses in the seats. PWF Northeast has achieved that through good planning, consistency and a group effort by a great locker room, so congrats to you all.
       OK, its Showtime, who will stand up and show the wrestling world that it is their time? Tag team turmoil sounds good for starters...tons on the line in that one. Considering more people are aware of This show more than the others, all 4 involved have got to be on the edge of the seat waiting like caged tigers for the chance to shine. You say "Grudge Match", well they got one of them too. Kyle Storm and Psycho Mike, man, these guys are gonna blow the roof off the building. So much pent up anger, eager to literally kill each other...I personally can't wait. Of all the most anticipated matches. it has to be the Ladder Match, the booking committee has won my attention for that night. I wouldn't miss it for the world. I don't want to use up all the time hyping an already great line up...if you are in the area don't miss this show.
       If you want one more reason to come to the has to be the I will meet Mark Reality face to face...and fans, I will say, I hate him!!!! Enough said. Take care and see you then.

October 5: Post-"Animosity" Thoughts

Wow, what a show....I cannot say how happy I am about the way the PWF Northeast division is taking off. A near sell out crowd witnessed the best show to date for them. Everyone worked hard and the show went off without a hitch except....Mark Reality and the Brotherhood. This is where my happiness turns to disappointment. While Fuzion did everything to hold off the former PWF Universal Tag Champs, they proved to be too much and the Damned gave them a beating of a lifetime and luckily the Damned, being less than smart, were unaware that the 90 release from all PWF events, was not over. So, their win was null and void. I am sure this is not the last I will hear from them.
       The Dimension/Reality challenge has begun and I am happy to report I am 1-0. That's what made the trip worth it. Simply Luscious made her mark, in more than one way, and sneaked out a win for me by beating Demonica from the Brotherhood. Mercedes help but nonetheless I still say..."A win is a win". Mark Reality has promised a few more surprises and I will be cautious coming back.
       "Suzie" (singapore cane nickname) made her PWF Northeast debut, and was looking forward to meeting any member of the Brotherhood face to stick. For months, Reality has being looking for Suzie, well, once he saw her, he wasn't to eager anymore. We did keep our distance but as I was leaving the arena insults were thrown and threats were made. Don't wait for the tape of the next one, you have got to be there. Keep checking in and the date and location will be announced soon.
       In closing... my hat is off to everyone who help make the last show a success. I think I will enjoy my next visit even more, as I promise..."the best is yet to come." As always, feel free to email me, or IM me anytime. Take care.

September 25th, 2002: pics and predictions

Hey PWF fans, I am back with my predictions and picks, plus a little more. Well, it is a stacked show with a few surprises I am sure.
       First, the Damned vs. Fuzion. This match is for the PWF Northeast tag titles. Fuzion made there presence known at both the Northeast and most recently at the PWF Universal show. They nearly stole the show and beat the Bash Bros. Mercedes could be a factor here as well. This team is strong, young and got me on their side. I am a huge fan of Fuzion. The Damned have a lot to prove. And you know Demonica, Mark Reality, Kyle Storm and Knoxville will all surely be present as well, which makes it four against three, not fair in my book. I will go out on a limb (wink, wink) and say Fuzion retains the titles. Fuzion
Big League Brian Black vs. Mac Daddy Mike Anthony, well this one should be interesting. Brian Black has caught my eye with his size, strength and determination and looks like he may have met his match. I am not very familiar with Mike Anthony, but working a match against Val Venis has got to make you a raise your game a level or two. My pick for this one is a tough one, but I say Brian Black continues with his anger streak and stops the newcomer from making his mark. Brian Black
The last match I will have a very close eye on is the Chris Venom and Striker match. While I have seen both of these guys work numerous times, the fact that Striker is on a roll in both PWF Northeast and Universal makes this one a matter of how bad either competitor wants it. Venom is hot right now and tearing up the Northeast promotion with a lot of heart and desire. You can see it in his eyes, he wants to make it happen. Striker has proven himself already, nearly taking PWF Universal Heavyweight Champion Chris Hamrick to the limit and nearly winning the title and making a strong showing in the Legacy Cup, his career is on an upswing. While I like the attitude of both guys, Venom has more experience to gain and I have to go with Striker. Both of these guys are great in and out of the ring. But, I gotta go with Striker. Striker
When I think of Animosity, one word comes to mind...Hatred. Hatred is not a new word for Pro Wrestling or even everyday life, but most times you try to keep it to yourself. Not here, it is full blown, pure hatred. Much anger has surfaced and the Brotherhood of the Damned are the cause. Simple, easy to figure out. The question that they have now is: What will the repercussions be for the acts? What can happen to stop the streak of battered bodies, broken bones and feuds that can end careers? Well, you will have to be at the show to find out. I know I will be and I got a whole bunch of surprises. Take care until next time.

September 25th, 2002

Hey PWF fans, continuing with my Desk Of Dimension bi-weekly articles about what is happening in the PWF, I have decided to make my presence more known here in Northeast.    
       First, let it be known that I am very happy with the way the Northeast Territory is developing. Great talent and great fans. I have a blast when I come up to the shows. Northeast guys continue to raise the bar and better the company as a whole.
       I will be present at the September 28th show and will have a "Reality" check of my own in order for a certain brotherhood. Taking advantage of my absence was not to smart and on the 28th, we will see who is smartest. The Damned have been issued their return date of October 13th in the PWF Universal rankings. The competition has continued to become stronger, let's see if they are ready for the challenge.
       To anyone who would like to contact me about the PWF Universal, PWF Northeast or anything, just drop me a line at I will be back later this week with a look at some of the happening and some predictions of the September 28th show. Take care.

picture credit: Derek Pinto